About Everlashing...


We aim to become a one-stop beauty studio dedicated to meeting your beauty needs. We strive to provide you with the utmost care, comfort, and convenience.


As a fast-growing beauty artistry studio dedicated to providing high-end beauty and makeup artistry for a wide range of occasions ranging from weddings, birthdays, and other casual parties, we aim to showcase great attitude and professionalism in delivering a stress-free experience, long-lasting, and perfect beauty art that enhances your natural looks.


We strive continually to improve our customers experience while we integrate our core values which include integrity, honesty, absolute love and care.


My name is Rain H and I’m the proud founder of Everlashing Beauty Studio. My love and passion for eyebrows began when I was 7 years old. My mom was sleeping, knowing she is a deep sleeper I snuck into her room with a tweezer and began tweezing her eyebrows. I knew at this moment this was something I enjoyed doing, however, when my mom woke up with little to no eyebrows she was not happy! Since then I decided to perfect my technique ;)

 During high school as I was attending cosmetology, I had very bad threading experience. I grew my own brows in, then would wax  and shape them during class. The other girls began to ask me to wax and shape their eyebrows as well. Upon graduation; I went back for my skin care esthetician license for a more in-depth knowledge of skin care.

After obtaining my esthetician license, I started shaping eyebrows from home for friends and family. During this time I realized the artistry of creating the perfect brow for my clients, and the love I had for this field. I opened a small spa room inside my home deciding to start my own brow business. Over time both the business grew and the variety of services I offer did as well. 

In my opinion, there is no greater feeling then to make someone feel wonderful about themselves while enhancing natural beauty, and boosting their self-confidence. I will always strive to have my clients leave feeling better mentally, emotionally, and most of all physically.



Located in Huntington Station & North St James New York, Everlashing Beauty Studio specializes in custom beauty and makeup artistry. Founded in 2010, we have been providing high-quality and professional beauty and makeup artistry since 2010 We are a dedicated beauty studio focusing on delivering top of the line services to enhance the beauty of fashion-conscious women in New York. Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where every woman comes to get refreshed and refigured.

Since our inception, we have evolved and established ourselves as New York’s leading beauty studio providing its clients with premium beauty services that suit their needs. We started our company out of a passion for promoting the industry. We pride ourselves on leveraging the finest resources to bring valued services to our customers.